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    Tuesday, November 30, 2010

    didn't blog yesterday cause by the time i got back from asia cafe was already like 2am. and just straight went to bed.

    so now my posts are all like a day late.

    okay okay lets start with yesterday, after breakkie with teck wei, i slept for like half and hour and was just lazing around the house and onlining.

    and aunty made one of my favourite food.

    fried wanton and fuchuk. (((:

    then went with cousin brother to get his wedding photos and stuffs done at jalan ipoh. after that dinner was at wangsa maju.

    the food was all good. :DD

    after dinner, got home then drove my altis for the first time out even without license. HAHA! but only to cherly's house only la then went over to murni in enlin's car together with cherly to meet up with qihong and eejun. then yew wei joined us too.

    the boys were there to watch their newcastle and chelsea match.

    my ribena special.

    during half time we left to station one to continue the other half of the match one geh but then somehow they weren't playing it so we just went to the hawker opposite mcd in taipan.

    was there till it finished then jia shen came by.

    me and cherly and jia shen left for another yumcha session along with teck wei. was at asia cafe.

    my ice lemon tea and indomie.

    left about 1 plus in the morning, came home and slept already cause we had breakfast plans this morning.

    suppose to wake up at 8am cause breakkie plan is at 8.30am. but couldn't wake up. the night before i made sure teck wei to be my alarm clock so his phone call woke me up which i am pretty sure i still sounded so dead asleep on the phone. haha

    which he then came and fetch me about 15 minutes later and then went to get jia shen then cherly and went over to usj23 for dim sum.

    got home not long then went out to jpj at pj to get my license done.

    home about 11 something then about 1 plus drove the altis officially with license out to pyramid with my cousin.

    and met up with qihong there. we just went walking around ni.

    had jumbo mango mix at ice monster.

    cousin and mr lim. (:

    qihong left to look for his mum and bro and i had to go to jusco to get new pillow and bolster.

    was home by 5pm. loveeee driving my new car lo. :DDD

    slept for like an hour then dinner then just stayed at home lo. no plans tonight. just watching house bunny on tv lo. well... more like hearing.

    tomorrow going for harry potter. (:

    okla niteeeee!


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