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  1. never been the same.

    Saturday, November 13, 2010

    was up at 10am. then went out with aunty D to south yarra's siricco warehouse which had nothing much. i mean it was like this huge place of leather product la.

    but things are still pricey and not within the range that i would pay for a bag right now eventho there are one or two that caught my eyes. haha

    then headed over to highpoint which took us soo long cause of the rain and so many cars on the road and cars in highpoint thus took a while to get carpark.

    speaking of rain, it rained the whole day since last night. damn annoying la!! being out and it rains is not fun...

    so so.. myers was having this super saturday one day sale thing. so yea.. both two tops for mum.

    and for me, jay jays $10 sale bottoms. (:

    leaving highpoint was worse. stuck for like half and hour. got home, aunty D cooked T bone steak and steamed veggies.

    up in my room since after dinner and don't really know why time passed so fast when i haven't actually did much things..


    okla maybe read a little of notes then watch some series and then sleep.


    lots of love,

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