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  1. for the first time.

    Friday, November 19, 2010

    woke up close to 1pm studied and did some other stuff till like 5pm then went out to highpoint with aunty D and her friend and the daughter.

    dinner was laksa king's combination laksa. $9.50

    i know i am going home and all that which i could get tonnes of laksa at a cheaper price after conversion but i still couldn't resist laksa king's laksa la. yummmmm!

    and my $7 polka dottie watch from sportsgirl. super cuteeee!

    was already on sale to $10 and there was further 30%. :DDD vip sales is good. things are cheaper and i only buy cheaper things. ((:

    well... i just came back about an hour ago? with all these vip sales and all it closes at 11pm. so yea.. not very usual that a shopping mall closes after 9pm over here.

    can't wait to get back to 10pm closing time shopping malls. like seriously... tho i am quite used to the closing at 5 or 6pm timetable already. but yea... (:

    off to bed. tomorrow up early do laundry then going for two barbeques with aunty D.

    then sunday, monday, tuesday quarantine myself at home and do my stupid maths. ughhhhh dreading dreading!!

    nevermind nevermind.... i can feel the heat from home getting nearer and nearer. my motivation right now is.. do exams, hopefully do good enough, then home here i come baby!

    love ya'll.

    sher xoxo.

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