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    Saturday, November 06, 2010

    love this dress but the S was too short and the M was abit loose. ))): so in the end didn't get it. but damn cute lo. sien... tho it isn't my usual style.

    sei lo... i just ate a whole packet of smith's salt and vinegar chips and i am going to sleep right after i am done with this post. haha

    went out to south melbourne market with aunty D this morning cause cousin wanted some stuffs from there. and aunty D wanted to go too so it save me the trouble to take the train down to the city and switch trams.

    after that she fetched me to melbourne central cause i had plans to meet up with celine at 1pm to go to ikea.

    we both had their swedish meatballs. and i had the large one.

    one thing cause i was hungry and second thing, there is like this deal called eat your discount.

    it works by lets just say you spend a total of $10 on the food at the ikea cafe, you keep your receipt and then grab something in ikea and get $10 off the price. good deal? ends tomorrow tho..

    i bought a huge frame and a pack of batteries. celine bought some bakingware stuffs. we had fun admiring all the furniture and interior designs and also cute kid's toys. haha! (((:

    then headed back to the city and just walked along swanston street cause i also had time to kill before the right time to catch the train.

    left about 5.30pm or so. thanks celine for temaning me out today! :DDD

    well.. it was a good day out tho. i won't be going out for a while in these coming weeks. at least until next friday's paper i would be home.

    maybe doing lunch with jia shen and celine? next friday after my exam. we shall see. (:

    i ate so much today.

    raisin toast with a slice of cheese for breakkie then dim sim at south melbourne market then meatballs at ikea then pasta for dinner and then smith's whole packet of salt and vinegar chips. gosh..

    can never say no to fooooood (((: me love love. :D

    now i am off to bed. quite tired. and gotta wake early do laundry again too. i have too much so had to split to two days of washing.

    nitey night!

    and and cherly going back tomorrow already. sho fast lo... i still have like 3 weeks. less than 3 weeks in fact. can't wait!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

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