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    Wednesday, November 17, 2010

    so jia shen is already back in malaysia now.. so fast lo time pass.... don't know good or bad. fast means exam is soon which is not good. but yet fast also means home soon which is good. sien...

    went over to his place yesterday for a barbeque after my exam which i don't intend on elaborating further about. =//

    banyak food yesterday eat until i damn full...


    prawns and lamb chops.

    still had somemore which i ate till forget to take picture. there was sausages and chicken wings and steaks as well.

    after dinner got blueberry cheesecake somemore. iris gave me like this big slice. tho it was nice, i was struggling to finish it up. sitting at the table talking while eating dessert and hear what jia wei, iris, wai kit and jojo talk is like funny la. hahaha

    then me and jia shen went over to the place cherly stays supposingly to just take some stuff so i just wore my sleeping tshirt but manatau went mcd for yumcha along with rachel and ck and another friend.

    it is that sad here that yumcha is at mcd. i want my teh o ais limau and maggi goreng! nevermind nevermind... one week plus only to endure. :D

    got back to his place and was watching some tvb show for a little while and don't know doing what and only slept at 2am.

    and had to wake up at 7am. and jia wei drove me home while on the way fetching jia shen to the airport. came home about 8 plus and slept till 1.30pm. har har.. i know i can really sleep. :DD

    woke up and studied maths a lil bit and don't know doing what else la. don't know what else includes criminal minds, gossip girl and 90210. hehe

    then dinner and watched the block on tv. which made me tear watching it cause one of the contestant proposed to his girlfriend in such a sweet way. candles all over... omg so pretty!

    and just finished the new episode of one tree hill. ((:

    now... maybe stare at my maths stuff and don't know doing what else and before i know it, it should be around 2am already which means almost near sleeping time. =/

    nitey night.

    with love,

    music addiction : Believe Again - Ronan Keating ft Paulini

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