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  1. one down, four more to go! wheeee...(((:

    Wednesday, November 03, 2010

    will be heading to the Crown Oaks Day tomorrow. which is one of the four major days of the spring carnival.

    and i do not have a dress to wear. mine is so not spring carnival like. that's cause i brought back all my dresses to malaysia. at least the more formal like ones for my cousin's wedding.

    should have just kept one here.

    actually wasn't planning on going. suddenly celine texted me saying she has free tickets to the oaks day tomorrow when i was on my way to uni for an exam which i couldn't stop by melbourne central to go dress hunting.

    and my exam finishes at 5.30pm which i won't have time going to melbourne central before it closes also. thus, no dress...

    oh and btw,

    i passed my ccna2 exam!!

    omg so happy! (:

    okla i should sleep early. gotta wake up early and get all dressed up for the race. love ya'll!


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