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  1. finally i have some time to get to with blogging. i was too tired yesterday to blog and the night before too.

    first and foremost, yesterday's exam was like super crappy la. gosh...

    after exam i met up with victor and celine who is now already back in malaysia. so fast! we went to Trunk Diner for lunch which is on exhibition street. (:

    my wagyu burger. $10 but i added some onions so extra $1.50.

    it was a nice place for lunch la. so cafe-ish and i love it! tho it is abit pricey but nice atmosphere. (((: just sat there and chit chatted. and then mana tau victor paid for our lunch. it was his treat! thank youuuuu so much victor!!

    too bad i forgot about pictures. ):

    then i left to dfo to get a polo from tommy hilfiger for my cousin and also go shopping. i only bought like two tops for $5 each because i was like so exhausted to walk anymore. my bag weighed a tonne, and i was like super lack of sleep.

    i slept at 11.30pm the night before and woke up at 2.30am to study. and was up the whole day after that. tired until...... =/

    then i got back to the city to get some chocolates and was suppose to head home then yao yun called and ask me to go dinner with her and jo ann. so yea i was like why not la... eventhough i was like dead tired.

    jo ann came with robin and off we went to lygon street to eat at papa gino's. nice le the food.. ((:

    our vegetarian pizza which is nice!

    carbonara risotto. yummmmmmyy!

    fettucini marinara. yummm too!

    me and yao yun.

    me jo and yao yun.

    forgot to take picture of jo and robin. haha. they are both so cute la together! ((:

    total was only $13 each for 4 of us. good lo. cheap le. plus its nice food. i quite enjoyed last night's meal.

    then went to freddo's for ice cream.

    some berry flavour which i forgot the name and roche.

    we left about 9.30pm. and i reached home about 10 something. and i had some packing to do. by 1am i collapse on the bed already.

    ooo and my free tshirt from rebel sport cause when you sign up you get $20 voucher so i got this. cool tshirt! (:

    today, had to wake up at 10am cause i needa vacuum up my room and i had to go out cause cousin's tommy polo needa change size.

    done with all the cleaning by 12pm and left. met up with yao yun and off we went dfo shopping again. :DDD

    waited for her at the tram stop in front of southern cross station so that we could get on the same tram.

    it was a rainy day today...

    while waited i had my sushi roll lunch. ((: gonna miss it when i get back. haha!

    today i got mood to shop lo. (((: so was yao yun. she rarely go shopping with me and she bought more stuff than me somemore. hahaha!

    i bought two tshirts from jeanswest and a high waisted shorts from jay jays.

    we were there till 4 something i think. walked through the exhibition centre on our way back cause it was raining. and there was this Sexpo thing going on there. hahah couples and bunches of friends are going for it together. so funny.

    and if you get in they will give you this sticker that says, "i just got fucked @ sexpo". i saw it on some girls tshirt. hahaah.. sorry mi abit vulgar, if you are reading this la! ((:

    it was a fun day out! i enjoy shopping with my girlfriends one lo. :DDD

    then got back to city and went to priceline to get vitamins and all that then safeway for vitamins and chocolates. after that i thought of going to max brenner to have their chocolate brownie one geh.. but it was like 6pm already.

    so instead we just went straight for dinner.

    dinner at menya, melbourne central.

    my curry katsu don. $8.50

    after dinner went chill at yao yun's place till like 8.30pm only i left. awesome yet tiring day....!

    now i got somemore stuff to do before i can sleep. gotta wake up at 7am somemore. not fun.

    BUT it will be fun tomorrow. (((:

    ciao first! love ya'll!!


    music addiction : Altiyan Childs - Somewhere in the World

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