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  1. so many stuff la right now.....

    Saturday, November 20, 2010

    today was just all about the food. eat so much i literally felt as though i just put on two kilos in just one day. haha cause i went to two food gathering with aunty D.

    woke up at 11 something when i was suppose to wake up earlier and do laundry but couldn't get up instead. then left to doncaster east for the lunch barbeque.

    food food food.

    aunty D's satay which marinated for like a week already. plus aunty swan's peanut satay sauce, YUM!!

    me love sundried tomatoes!

    yummy lamb cutlets!!

    desserts and dips.

    those mini cupcakes are yummy!! and thats a tiramisu panettone which i didn't try.

    and found out the mini cupcakes from QV. will drop by when i am in the city and see whats there.

    still had like sausages, steaks, and this awesome lemon tart which i forgot to take picture of.

    then went to a dinner potluck at st. albans.

    super lots of food. and this is not all of it.

    i am still so full right now.. won't be like last night which was 2 in the morning that i was texting teck wei about how much i am wanting to go yumcha cause i wanna order maggi goreng and teh o ais limau. ahaha!

    oooo and i can't wait to be back cause i'll be going to hong kong in december and going to bangkok in february! YAY! everyone loves going on holidays. ((((: well at least i do!

    but then if bangkok trip comes along soon enough means i have to get back here already. ))): hmmm.. at least i am gonna have new company when i get back. :D

    shall go to bed. and this time gotta wake up and do laundry. going home next week already needa get everything washed up.

    and lay low on the food intake tomorrow. and hopefully stay at the weight that i managed to shed. that'll be so awesome laaa! but chances of it happening, pretty low. sad case... )):

    haha nitey night!


    music addiction : Pink - Raise Your Glass

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