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    Monday, November 22, 2010

    altiyan childs won the X factor australia 2010!

    he is one major transformation. like seriously.. i absolutely hated him at the start of the competition cause i find he is some joker who takes nothing seriously and can't go far. hahaha turns out i am so wrong.

    and after the week he did bon jovi's living on a prayer, i was like omg he is good. like really good... then he started showing this other side of him no one saw. and its beautiful. i mean he has this desperation is wanting to win the competition so badly and he is somewhat a great guy. well.. at least that's what he is potraying on tv la.

    glad that he won.

    sally chatfield. ((=

    but yet i loveeee sally too! that girl doesn't have to win the competition to get far. she is like a star already. pretty sure i am gonna hear lots about her in the future. (:

    and i loveeee both of their winner singles. Somewhere In The World. awesome song!

    altiyan's version.

    sally's version.

    today is just super damn hot. like seriously hot until... hate it!! please la hot weather come after i ciao back to malaysia already la..

    ironically, malaysia is hot too but here is hot and dry which makes it feel twice as hot. thats why..

    did maths and watched the little mermaid. cause i downloaded this whole pack of disney cartoons. and i still prefer this drawing kinda cartoon than the now disney cartoons. the digitalised ones makes it feel a little unoriginal. haha!

    hmm.. now i shall go do my usual routine online stuff and then go sleep and wake up tomorrow and study study study.. )):

    so looking forward till my exams are over. i already have wednesday lunch planned with victor and celine. we are going to trunk diner! heard so much about it.. now i get to go try before i ciao home. :DDD

    signing off. mwahs!

    lots of love,

    music addiction : Guy Sebastian - Who's That Girl

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