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  1. my perception had change. (:

    Saturday, November 27, 2010

    900th post. :D

    cleaned my room nicely before i left.

    during exam period it was like a junk yard. notes, clothes, hats, pants, pens, calculator, money, etc all lying around on my bed on the side i don't sleep on and on table.

    vacuumed and made sure everything was alright cause i'll be away from my room for like 3 months le.

    aunty D fetched me to the airport at 8am and checked in my baggage within like 10 minutes after i reached. that's cause i flew by airasia Premium. soooooo niceee!!

    now don't ask me fly by MAS already. i rather use the money of flying MAS and pay to fly by airasia Premium. super niceeeeee!! i don't even need to consider emirates at all. with airasia premium, upgrading to 30kg you only pay 18aud. super cheap!

    first check in is like nobody one. when everyone was like lining up till like so damn blardy long.

    went over to the international gates straight after cause i have nothing to do anyways. and went earlier cause needa do tax refund for the ipad.

    and just sat at the boarding gate watching eat, pray, love.

    second thing bout flying by premium is you get to board first. (:

    boarded the plane about 11pm. it was kinda delayed a little bit. 20 minutes or so.

    third, look at the seat laaaaa!

    i can have my laptop at the side, bag on the seat and everything also i don't feel crampy at all okay.

    fourth, leg room is omg spacious la.

    fifth, there is a power socket so i could charge my laptop!

    sixth, you can like adjust everything. and lie completely flat too. thats like super cool okay!

    okla food is like normal la. no biggie.

    and they provide proper pillow and blanket too.

    but you gotta give back one, not like MAS, wanna take then can just take. har har!

    i practically slept my whole way back.

    like seriously i've never slept so much on the flight to anywhere before. eventhough i had like so much shows to watch and all that, all i did was while charging my laptop, i was just having songs playing on my earphones and i slept.

    i get to lie down like bed le, might as well sleeeeeeep.. :DDDD

    sorry la i am kinda jakun about flying premium. my first encounter to something like this le. i absolutely loved it! my upgrade for $100 is so damn worth it!! (((:

    almost reaching already.

    touched down about 4.40pm and by 5pm i was out of lcct already. lastly about premium is that the baggage comes out first than anybody elses.

    and my bagged was tagged hi-flyer. :D

    went oldtown yumcha awhile with mum and two cousins. fei zhai and oh lou. :D and called teck wei and also qi hong. (:

    dinner was at zanmai. (:

    we are treated like some serious regular at zanmai lo. i mean yes la mum, cousin they all are super regulars so practically knows everyone there. we are never needed to queue up at all one. like seriously just walk in only. awesome!

    after that just came home chill till like 1 something only slept.

    it just nice to be home. but honestly speaking, it wasn't as exciting as the first time i got back 3 months plus ago cause at that time i haven't been home for like a year, this time just 3 months plus so... yea.

    going out in a while. visiting uncle and my grandparents. and then going for some concert thingy. will be back tonight. (:

    sher xoxo.

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