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  1. nasi lemak deal. (:

    Sunday, November 14, 2010


    woke up at 12pm and then found that mr ching haven't even sleep yet. geng la he... was then chatting and studying and watching one episode of criminal minds and suddenly got a text from jia shen asking me to go dfo and he is already at moonee ponds.

    first i thought was having me to take the bus there so of course i got lazy and said no. but turns out he was gonna come pick me.

    so yea i went. (:

    was out for just 2 hours ni la.

    two hours with a damage of $25.95. hahaaa

    billabong was having a sample sale. i got all of that for $5 each except the belts for $3 each. super cheap lo. no where else i think i could find it this cheap like seriously... i mean for billabong or in fact anything. haha

    got home studied a little bit then had dinner and glued on the couch watching X factor. i am so happy i'll still be here next week to catch up on the finale!

    came upstairs and haven't study yet. will get to it in a bit before i sleep. (: since teck wei has been reminding me to study every now and then. haha

    oklaa.. i better get to it now.

    nitey night peeps!

    much love,

    music addiction : Pink - Just Like A Pill

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