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    Monday, November 08, 2010

    had to wear formal. and it was a hot day. sien....

    presentation went alright today i guess. i wouldn't say that it is like super good but i guess it wasn't bad la.

    now just gotta focus on my finals which my first paper is coming up this friday.

    after doing the presentation in uni i went down to the city to meet up with loong and jia shen for drink. i haven't seen them almost close to one month already. misssss them laa! HAHA!

    first went to look for loong in emirates house then walked over to bourke street. and settled down at koko black in the royal arcade.

    me and jia shen shared the belgian spoil for two. all that and two glasses of ice chocolate $24.

    expensive i know but nice le. once in awhile spend a little bit more and satisfy my taste buds are perfectly normal in my dictionary. (:

    i think i prefer koko black rather than max brenner too. service wayyyyy better and things are not as sweet which is good. :D

    then went to get the 16gb ipad with 3g and wifi for my cousin from big w and went coles jalan jalan abit the left for home.

    and damn that stupid metro la. i was in the train for like 20 minutes in just between 3 stops. stoopid stoopid!! it just kept moving like as if it was crawling and then sudden emergency brake then suddenly all the power went off and the doors were able to open and then it was okay again and crawling at like 5km/h and then stopping again. that whole thing just kept repeating itself.

    stupid la!!! talking about the train system is better than ktm but yet sometimes it is sooooo shitty that it is so frustrating! ARGH!!

    but to make it all better then bus was late so i got to catch the bus right after i got out from the station. which is good. (:

    and came home opened some parcel i got from ebay, fixed my earphone and then it was time for dinner already. after dinner, glued on the couch watching X factor.

    loveee ronan keating! he is hot man!! like guy sebastian too and natalie imbruglia and also the host, luke jacobs! all pretty and talented people. (:

    waited for cousin to reach home in malaysia and open sesame on the ipad.


    loveeee the huge screen.

    so cool laaaa! and sexaaaay! ((:

    just transferred some apps and transferred movies. i am gonna fully utilise this baby when i am on my way back to malaysia in the plane. hehehehe! tho it isn't mine, i shall use it first. :D

    now i am off to bed. super tired today. waking up early and do laundry then study. nitey night!

    with love,

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