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  1. somewhere in the world tonight.

    Sunday, November 21, 2010

    the biker skinny jeans which i was hunting high and low for. (: love it!

    i got so bored of doing maths and just decided to pack my suitcase for home. my last week in melbourne for 2010.. :DD

    now i am scratching my head cause i managed to pack at 24kg but then realise i still have stuff that isn't inside yet. oh no.... means i gotta get rid of some stuff. cause i only bought 25kg and don't think that it is necessary to upgrade to 30kg.

    will keep it under the 25.9kg mark...

    today was just doing laundry and more laundry. had to wash up all my jeans which is hanging on the coat hanger for like ages already. and studied and lazing around don't know doing what else.

    oh and today's lunch which was a thai salad from yesterday night's potluck. loveeee it! this thai lady made it and its sour and spicy. yummmmmm!!

    then was dinner. after dinner i was glued on the couch watching X factor. i absolutely love sally and altiyan!!

    rooting for them to win. either one also can. (((: will find out tomorrow. hehe

    okla ciao first. got skype call dates to get to with my cousin and mum. niteeee!

    with love,

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