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  1. zombified.

    Friday, November 12, 2010

    i only had like 3 hours of sleep today.

    my plan was to sleep at 10pm last night and wake up at 3am to study. but in the end i was tossing and turning on the bed till 11.30pm and then woke up studied a little and went to sleep around 1 something 2. woke up at 4.15am and up till right now.

    which is 9.30pm. i am going to bed soon already. super duper tired.

    basically i had a paper at 9am which god only knows how i did. don't wanna think anymore about it. just keeping my fingers crossed.

    finished about 12.30pm and then got to melbourne central at 1pm and met up with celine and jia shen for lunch.

    lunch was vietnamese pho. (:

    i wanted either japanese or vietnamese. so yeaa..

    then starbucks for green tea frappucino. :D

    sat there at chit chatted for quite a long while then walked over to david jones and then back to melbourne central where jia shen left earlier.

    me and celine went to her friend's place and i had a glass of moscato dessert wine.

    which is a bad idea. i became super tired and started turning red like a tomato. normal la for me, once drink only turn red. not that i am drunk or high or whatever, just red and fast heartbeat.

    this time, sleepy too. think its cause of the lack of sleep. plus the weather is getting on my nerves!

    damn hot laaaaaaaa!!!

    i want the less than 20 degrees back. pleaseeeeee.. or at least air cond would do the job. ))):

    after that went to QV for a walk and met up with yao yun who came with christina and just talked a while and went home.

    okay now going to sleep. tired. byeeeee!

    going to be up early and aunty D taking me to some warehouse thingy. i also don't know.

    nitey night!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

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