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  1. i am back in malaysia now. (: which is the fun part bout today that i mentioned in yesterday's post. eheh =D

    left melbourne this morning at 11.20am. but woke up at like 7.15am which i only slept at 3.30am cause i skyped with tim for like 2 hours before i went to bed.

    his birthday present from me two years ago. (:
    photo courtesy of tim's n82. =D

    i am so glad that he really likes it. i mean its worth the hunting high and low for it times.

    it was so good talking for that long. tho i was like really sleepy and had to really get to bed but you know its hardly that i caught up with him and we've been trying to schedule this skype call for like days already. and also i really needed it at that time.

    made me laugh until my jaw ached when we were done skyping. haha me miss him..

    okla i will blog on today's flight home and dinner later a little bit la. needa unpack my bag first. ciao!


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