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  1. 多想永遠擁抱你..

    Sunday, November 28, 2010

    its 9 something in the morning now. just got back from melur for breakkie with teck wei. somehow his text managed to wake me up and yea cause i am not free during the day and he so smart haven't sleep yet the whole night and thought i would be free in the morning so yea.. breakfast it is. (:

    hmmm.. so so start with yesterday.. was so busy till when i came back i have no time to blog also.

    breakfast yesterday was at usj 14's hawker.

    had my favourite vegetarian food.

    been looking everywhere for this lady cause she use to be at the hawker at taipan which is now pappa rich? or is it even still pappa rich? but yea that corner shop. finally i found her. :DD

    then went to uncle's after that went to see my grandparents at wangsa maju and brought them to old town minum teh for like an hour which i had hazelnut white ice coffee and my cheese and ham polo bun. (:

    should have just stick to my usual fresh lemon ice tea. haha

    then later fetched cousin from UM after his exams and he dropped us off at ISKL in ampang which is the International School of Kuala Lumpur cause mum's customer comes friend invited us to watch her son's high school musical production play.

    all the casts.

    it was Footloose the musical.

    and its really really good!!! lead actor is the guy with the black cardigan (:

    way way above my expectations. Chris which is mum's customer comes friend's son is the lead actor, Ren McCormack.

    its about this boy Ren McCormack leaving Chicago and moving into this small town called Bomont. and dancing is against the law in this town. so its basically about how he changed their perceptions and about his life.

    really goooood ((: enjoyed my so much last night.

    by the time i got home also like 11pm already and then dinner and uncle was here till the MU match was over and i slept at about 1.30am.

    which means in total i only slept for 6 hours till teck wei's text woke me up. now i am feeling sleepy already..... haha maybe nap awhile. (:

    tonight out for dinner. :D


    much much love,

    music addiction : 张智成 - 末日之恋
    (on my repeat for like 30 times already) thanks to teck wei. haha (:

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