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  1. my lullaby for you.

    Monday, November 15, 2010

    love polly pockets when i was a kid. i still have my collection at home! so cuteeee and practically my whole childhood favourite piece of toy ever made!!

    i still love all of the polly pockets i own very very much. (:



    i remember i was so crazy over kinder surprise when i was a kid. and malaysia don't sell them so i will go all crazy when uncle or aunt buys back from oz. not that i'll eat the chocolate but just opening it up and grab hold of the toys inside.

    once a upon a time, i loved it soo soo much.

    a girl would always love to own a chanel bag. well at least i do. its like the ultimate goal handbag to ever be owned. hahaa

    love love love. =DDDD

    x factor tonight was saddddd...!

    mahogany had to go. )):

    personally i don't think they should. andrew lawson should have instead not them. these girls can sing man!!!

    but well, i am pretty sure they'll be somewhere despite leaving the competition now and not winning.

    rooting for sally chatfield or altiyan childs. either one of them win i am also happeeee! which will be announced next week! (:


    she can seriously sing. like seriously! go find her on youtube and hear the version of hurt she sang. my god.... can make you cry man her voice! loveeeee her!!!

    altiyan and ronan, his mentor.

    at first i thought he was like some joker or clown or some sort that cannot sing at all. but turns out now i am actually rooting for him. finally noticing that he really can sing le. he is like a born rocker! and can't believe that he is actually such a sensitive guy.

    he sure doesn't seem like it. only a few weeks back that i was on his side. haha

    and omg omg...!

    ronan keating.

    he is soo hot la! i mean seeing him perform live and all in the show that makes me think he is hotter la. he is like this hot dad that could rock a pair of lace up boots and skinny jeans and tattoos and that amazing irish accent. hahaha! :DDDD

    he is hott and love his songs. (((:

    okla i should get back to studying and by 1am i gotta go to bed and then wake up at 6am to study somemore for my paper at 2pm tomorrow.

    after that will be going to jia shen's place for barbeque and will only be back home on wednesday. (:

    ciao first. nitey night!

    sher xoxo.

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