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  1. i have been like eating non stop!

    Wednesday, June 23, 2010

    watched the spain match this morning halfway then i fell asleep on the couch. all i know is that they scored 2-0. haha!

    woke up at 11 something today then texted qi hong asking him what he is doing then he was saying that he'll be going to parade with charissa and ask me join. so i tagged along la. ((:

    went parade first to change his blackberry case then went for lunch. had mcd. its during lunch time and it was cheap.

    i miss it being cheap.

    and i miss my spicy chicken mcdeluxe! (((((:

    after parade then qi hong drove us to empire gallery subang.

    okla the place is new and all but nothing much one geh. just that got alot of food la. got rakuzen! chilis! my favourites!! (:

    went to walk around and just bought some biscuits at the japanese fair. then i said i wanted to eat bread from RT Pastry house and he said he'll fetch me there to buy. haha!

    see i have such a nice friend right?

    so cheap man. compared to bread at melbourne. :D

    thanks qi hong for taking me out and nice meeting charissa!

    came home continued my tvb drama while eating bread. i ate like 3 bread before dinner. then went out for dinner at like 8 something 9 at paramount for my favourite yuet kong hor! wah damn syiok!!

    THE BEST!!! love it!! love

    sotong kangkung and lala.

    heong tai mai.

    still had satay and hokkien mee which i didn't take picture of. omg i am still so full now.

    continue my tvb series first laa.. don't know what i am doing tomorrow also la. i suddenly feel like going out shopping. HAHA!


    much love,

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