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  1. i am getting fatter by the day! (;

    Saturday, June 26, 2010

    i updated my iphone software to iOS 4.0 already. so now i have all the iphone 4 features. (((: oh so cool man!

    wallpaper background on home and lock screen.

    folder sorting.


    so cool kan? and it is faster. especially with taking the pictures. but don't know whether is it me or what, somehow like not so clear one. hmmm....?soal

    got up at 12 something today with the thought of going out lunch with ferns to pyramid zanmai one geh. then meet cherly there.

    mana tau keep calling ferns nobody pick up. message nobody reply. in the end i gave up...

    left the house at 4pm to fetch my mum at her office. i first time drive alone to town and fetch my mum le. in fact, just first time driving to town by myself. :DDDD damn syiok man!

    after picking up mum, went over pavilion.

    i just went to cotton on to get a dress for my cousin cause she likes mine that i bought from OZ. and to padini concept store cause i wanna get to vincci and i was there like most of the time.

    only had one hour to spare cause meeting up with mum's customer for dinner. suppose to leave pavilion at 6pm one, in the end left at 6.30pm. just cause i was busy choosing shoes.

    then left to imbi to pick them up then headed over menara hap seng for japanese.

    sashimi super nice!!!

    damn nice weih! but like damn expensive man.

    qi hong actually asked me for yum cha but by the time i got home close to 10.30pm already. so it was kinda late already. in the end, no going out.

    watched the brazil and portugal match. omg man i really damn mm song c.ronaldo. and the referee also like makan money already one.

    k laaa.. i am gonna watch my tvb series last two episodes. byee lo!

    tomorrow i will be out to do my hair. finally my hair will be to a better state. now it is like horrible man. yay!

    oh and this is how many pairs of shoes i bought. nice?senyum

    much love,

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