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  1. woke up at 12 something today. then continued watching my tvb series on astro on demand.

    the mysteries of love.

    i kinda like it lo. plus i haven't been catching up with tvb dramas for soooooo long. i found a website that when i get back to melbourne, i will be able to catch up with it already. :D

    went out at about 3 pm with cherly to old town. cause she needed to use my laptop to blog and just pergi minum ni.

    i wanted the ham and cheese polo bun instead but tak ada.... sedih

    then left to pyramid to meet up with celine and hau yang and celine's brother. just went walking around then go find nick. nick my supervisor.

    omg! it has been so long. i miss working with him weih... and he still the same la still so skinny. ahahaha! one day must meet up with him and vanessa go catch up. sengihnampakgigi

    after that went movie with the rest plus keng yew, kar mun, vera?, hau yang sis and another guy. all together 10 of us.

    watched it in 3D. (:

    quite nice la. paid RM20 for it though. haahaha! okla not that expensive la.

    went makan dinner at murni at usj 9.

    hau yang and celine's super huge cup of "lily special".

    "i love you" drink. longan, nata de coco, ribena, soda and lemon. nice!

    roti hawaii. taste like ramly. nice weih....!

    after dinner went to shiok cafe at ss15 and meet up with jack. actually i don't feel like going one but my main purpose was to meet up with adrian. i haven't seen him for like a year already le..

    he still the same la. but nice catching up though.

    got back close to 12am. now i am continuing with my tvb series. k laaa.. nite ya'll!

    oh and i am waiting for ferns to be back tomorrow and tim on friday! (((((: waiting waiting....

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Airplanes - B.O.B

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