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  1. 10 days!

    Wednesday, June 09, 2010

    now i am feeling much better after having a phone call from home. my uncle is always always able to tell what am i feeling and thinking. sometimes it really helps but sometimes... hmm...

    talking to him always open up my mind. always. that's why i desperately needed to talk to him today just that i couldn't get through to him so he called.

    i've picked myself back up and fixing to going back on track already.

    tonight i am a better person compared to yesterday night.

    which is a good thing though. the counting down of days is now going to motivate me to do better. and to do my best and then go back home and have fun kao kao!

    was at home today the whole day doing maths past year papers because it was raining and our meeting plan cancelled. as in me and cherly.

    and apparently it was very cold today. like 9 degrees outside or something.

    i don't mind the cold though. honestly. i love it. but malaysia is sooooo hot apparently. how am i to survive there now?

    when i am already starting to complain hot when melbourne reached 25 degrees?

    but well, i'll get use to it. air conditioners are everywhere though. so no problemo! :D oh can't wait can't wait!

    now my mind is focusing on doing adequately alright on my two papers this week. and don't fail next week's paper then i am free for almost 2 months!!!

    thinking about it already i could start jumping up and down. YAY!

    okla. i am seeping early tonight. all this stress and thoughts are draining my energy like nobody's business.

    tomorrow i will be out to study my electronics.


    lots of love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Anna Nalick - Shine (addicted to it!!)

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