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    Tuesday, June 22, 2010

    I AM BACK IN MALAYSIA!!! ((((:

    this post is gonna be like long. i have 32 pictures. (: journey to malaysia-malaysia day one-malaysia day two.

    before journey to australia.

    cleaned up my room nicely. (:

    left the house at about 10.15 pm and went to the airport. the line was like long. took us like an hour to actually check in our stuffs. i was so afraid that i would be like overweight but it wasn't! it was at 25.9 kilos. so not too bad laa...

    plane delayed for like just 15 minutes only laa..

    at the boarding gate.

    we managed to get to seat sit side by side! lucky us man!

    was a full flight.

    at our seats.

    my dearest bestie! we flew together tau! first time experience!!!

    my malaysian meal. nasi lemak.

    i tell you i couldn't even sleep at all in the plane. i only slept for like an hour. so hard to sleep!!! and the family beside was like taking half of my seat. so cham...

    finally it landed and i was like so happy! and thank god i had my shows to keep me occupied in plane. ahaha!

    once we got out of the plane, i expected at least like a bit of cooling wind but mana tau step out only, hot air! angkatkening

    manage to get out from the airport around 7.30am. and was greeted by mum and cousin and a cup of ice lemon tea from old town. love my mum! she knows what i wanna have all the time. :D

    fetched cherly home then went breakkie with my aunty and cousins and mum.

    went to petaling street for wan tan mee!

    koon kee.... peace

    love it love it!! melbourne tak ada!!

    petaling street. :D

    for lunch, my aunty cooked all my favourite food.

    glass noodle with fu chuk and cabbage!! miss this so much!

    gerang asam. missed this too!!

    lotus stem soup! missed this too!

    seafood pot. pacific clams! miss it miss it!

    aunty cooked all my favourite food! like ALL!! wah so syiok man!

    after lunch stayed at home a while then went out to look for my grandfather for tea time at setapak.

    went to some kopitiom at pv12.

    my ice lemon tea.

    garlic butter thick toast.

    ham and cheese thick toast.

    shrimp and egg thick toast.

    it was all not bad la. the main point was to meet up with my grandfather who was so happy to see me after like 11 months. i miss him too though..

    then cousin brought me for dinner cause i am home. omg i miss malaysian food so much okay!

    at wangsa maju.

    dinner was so good! love it! somemore not expensive lo. wah damn syiok!

    this morning at 9 am qi hong came to fetch me cause we had breakkie plans. go puchong for dim sum! ((: aawww miss dim sum too!

    ate at yuen gardens.

    my beloved heng dai that i miss so damn much okay!

    breakkie was cheap. RM15. like what $5? omg so cheap somemore so full! plus it was great meeting qi hong. missed him alot though. so like damn syiok la that i saw him. :D

    after breakkie was pyramid with cherly. went like shopping ni. but like everything seems expensive to me. i am so use to seeing the figures 5 and 10 and 15. that is in aussie dollar la but when i see 29, 39, 89 and all that i find it is expensive. HAHA!

    pyramid is like kinda sien already. and i didn't have to urge to shop.

    other than wanting to buy flats and wedges. nothing much really.

    celine came to join us at like 2 something and we had lunch at sushi zanmai. my god! i seriously miss zan mai so much. not that melbourne no japanese but i just love zanmai laaaaa!

    after that just walk around pyramid a little bit ni. then ciao-ed already. around 4 something we left.

    came home i slept till like mum came back which was like 7 something.

    around 10 something chun kit fetched me and cherly to go ss15 shiok cafe for yum cha with the usual people. jack, chun kit, hong jiun, cherly, celine, hau yang, keng yew, phun and some other people who i don't know.

    and i saw joshy! after like so long! ahaha!

    just got back like a while ago ni. aahahha! my lifeless life in malaysia is back! i am catching up onto my on demand tvb series. sleep late late go out everyday. ahahaha!

    syiok man!

    oh and just now sit kit's car feels so different. melbourne people drive slow. and i miss those guys! still so sot sot and fun to be around with. :D

    now watching tvb series.

    and going to watch Spain in a while. go go SPAIN!!!!

    ooklaaaa... ciao dulu.

    oh and happy birthday felix!!!!!

    lots and lots of love from malaysia,

    ps: this post time will be like 2 hours ahead cause of my already set australian time. :D

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