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  1. Italy sudah BALIK RUMAH la!!

    today is a good day. i went shopping and i had my favourite meal. so it is a good day.

    woke up at like 12 something then left out to celine's with cherly at about 1 something 2. went over to celine's and had a little bit of the cha soba she was making for hau yang. haha!

    then left to midvalley. celine drove me and cherly. :D

    they were having some VIP sales for topshop, dorothy perkins and miss selfridge.

    but didn't buy anything from there la. everything still like very expensive. plus certain things i've seen before in oz for like $10 and they selling for like RM100 plus. expensive nyaaa...

    and they gave free lychee cooler voucher from juice works. (:

    after that just went to MNG and i bought some stuff and then left already. was home by 6pm. i slept till like 8pm till cousin came back then went out to fetch my mum at pavilion.

    i drove to kl. ahaha! i haven't been driving properly for like 11 months already. it's been too long! :D

    after picking up my mum at pavilion residence, we went to pudu for dinner!


    super syiok!!!! lapar

    got back and watched italy vs slovakia match. omg man italy plays like crap. not even like a champion. whats that man.

    wanna support italy one geh but after that i change direction already. slovakia... somemore got alot of lengzhais. HAHA!

    oklaaa... tomorrow i think i will be out lunch with ferns! i haven't been seeing him for so long. miss him though!

    then after lunch i need to drive down to kl and pick my mum up and go to pavilion for shopping! yay!

    oh and this is what i bought today. a sling bag, and a checkered shirt.

    nitee lo!


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