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  1. 12 days baby. 12 days!

    Monday, June 07, 2010

    i only have 12 more posts to write till i am finally on malaysian grounds. it may sound as though it is gonna be soon but i don't feel soon right now.

    i have three damn papers to get to before i could peacefully rest my mind and get all set to go home. although i am sorta all packed already. :D hehe.

    my plan of waking up early and study the whole day failed.

    i woke up late and i didn't study the whole day. but i studied just that my ass wasn't like glued to the chair kinda study.

    i am such a procrastinator. )):

    i was studying maths instead of my electronics. electronics paper comes first then maths but still.... ))):

    and at this moment right now, my mind is like drifted to malaysia already. all the food and all that. more food than people are appearing in my mind right now. food seems to be the priority somehow..

    i never felt like i really wanted to go back home until this month. as in i know i was going back but never felt like "omg i really do wanna go home very much" kinda thing.

    now that i am going back already, i am thinking of home. i guess that is sorta normal.


    i just got off skyping with mum and i am munching onto red rock deli's lime and black pepper chips now.

    i shall go first. tomorrow meeting up with jia shen and cherly to study. so yeaa.


    lots of love,

    music addiction : Group 1 Crew - Forgive Me

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