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    Tuesday, June 29, 2010

    today was quite a good day.

    went out lunch with ferns and tim and cherly at sushi zanmai. i was craving for proper meal from sushi zanmai.

    had their chicken katsu zaru soba. nice but price increase already! ):

    i wanted to eat somemore but i was already full. i still tak puas la go there eat. need to go one day with mum and cousin they all again. (((:

    sat there for like 3 hours i think? was good chat laaa..

    mum was sick so she was home. before i got back, went wong soon kee and bought their fried chicken for mum. their fried chicken are like so goooooood!

    too bad no picture. forgot.

    then slept a while then left out to pick up steph and go snowflakes together. dropped by her place and talk to puan evelyn a little while first. and texted tim and just somehow he fetched me and steph there.

    their bestseller which was nice. (:

    something that tim ordered for me. nice too. i like the soya ice thingy but i preferred the bestsellers toppings.

    (((: kinda like it more than abit. :D

    was there with adrian, cherly, ferns, tim and steph of course. good hang out. i miss this people so much! apart from cherly la, i see her all the time. :DDDD HAHA!

    got home and watched half of netherlands and slovakia match. i mean less than half. i kinda like slovakia though. but nevermind la. netherlands will do as well.

    cousin's friend got drunk and he started talking all weird stuff. damn funny man. i kept laughing till i started tearing. HAHA!

    k laaa.. i think i am going to watch ghost whisperer in a bit. ciao!

    with love,

    music addiction : Train - Soul Sister

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