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  1. i am getting more and more depress and stress by the damn second. but yet i can't get my mind into things.

    my exam is in 3 days. 3 days?! what the hell am i doing? not to mention a 2 pm paper then the next day a 9 am paper...!

    how marvelous is it huh?


    today.... today i was out with jia shen and cherly to study. thats all i am saying.

    oh and we had grill'd burgers for lunch.

    thats all i have.

    tomorrow i will be out again. but only with cherly this time. shereeeeeena! you need to get things back on track.

    everyone is pretty sure you could do it. so do it.

    and i am going nuts. oh great! just perfect right now.....! ok bye.


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