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  1. woohoo! it is down to FOUR!

    Tuesday, June 15, 2010

    i was watching The Matrix last night. and i know i am like 11 years late at watching it. (((: but i gotta admit, OMG...! Keanu Reeves is sooooo cool in that show. well everything else is cool la but i had to emphasis on Keanu Reeves being VERY COOL!

    i so called self proclaimed myself for being his fan, i've never watch matrix. how funny is that.

    and i watched Matrix Reloaded today.

    everything is just so cool. though the plot prolly needs to take a geek like a super geek to get it at the start. but it is alright. :D

    was watching the Slovakia vs New Zealand game just now. now it is at half time. and i shall resume to it in another 15 minutes via online streaming.

    well i don't know who to support but somehow, when slovakia's hamsik almost shot in the goal, i just wanted them to lead.

    so yea i guess i am supporting slovakia then. :D

    nothing much bout today though. apart from me wanting to get to New York so badly and dreaming about studying programming, nothing else. (:

    i will be out to study programming tomorrow with cherly and i will get to New York when i am capable of it. :D

    okla bye now. heading to business then quietly watch the match. ciao!

    lots of love,
    sher xoxo.

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