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    Monday, June 14, 2010

    changed my blog skin. i don't know why but now i like dots as well. last time i used to only like stripes but now i like dots too. polka dots clothes catches my eyes alot!

    but i have no time to change other stuff. so i guess just the skin for the time being. (:

    woke up at about 11am today. ahah. i wanted to type that i woke up quite early but i guess 11am is not quite early. ahah!

    ate a pie for lunch and then cleaned up my room. changed my sheets, wiped some dust off, vacuumed the carpet.

    my current sheets. love it!

    it was a birthday present from khai shien, wei ping, teck wei and felix i think? it took me almost a year and a half to use it just cause my mum only brought it over last month when she came for holidays.

    ooooo i so love the colour! thanks guys! ((((:

    then about 3 something aunty doris asked me to go out to highpoint with her cause she wanted to get a new pair of glasses. so yeaa.

    came back at about 5 something?

    then dinner. had fried rice and beef fried with chillies. it was nice but i was so full so i couldn't eat anymore even i wanted to.

    cause before leaving highpoint i bought sushi to eat cause i was feeling hungry then. and they were about to close already so they were like selling in boxes. 2 hand roll for $2.60. and i ate all two. and it was like fat. alot of rice. ahah!

    after dinner i became a pig and slept on the couch.

    came upstairs about 10 plus and i was also streaming netherlands vs denmark's match just cause i really had to start watching at least one match already.

    and i didn't even watch it all. i missed the second goal...

    cause i was skyping with mum. which currently she is watching shows so she'll be back to skype with me in half an hour maybe?

    okla. i shall ciao now. i should really really concentrate on my programming rather than just reading bits and pieces here and there.

    oh and i bought a fedora from sportsgirl for $4.95. ahah! don't think i will wear it very much but it was like cheap. :D

    byee now.


    music addiction : Anna Nalick - Wreck of The Day

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