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  1. my late night apple juice craving!

    Thursday, June 03, 2010

    my hair is getting long and dry. it needs a good treatment when i get home! and a good colour dye!

    stayed at home the whole day today. studied and watched show. as usual. i am not the person who studies 24/7 la please.

    had very late brunch. at like 2 something i think. okla lunch i meant.

    yesterday's spinach and cheese quiche.

    it may look weird, but i LOVE it! love love quiches. can never say no to it. :D

    watched princess and the frog. 7/10.

    i've been watching alot of cartoons recently. and i just downloaded a few japanese ones. i'll watch when i have the time.

    around 6 something, aunty doris knocked on my door asking if i wanted to follow her go highpoint. of course i said yes. HAHA!

    went shopping a while then makan dinner.

    had laksa king's nasi goreng. nicee. and loved their sambal!

    came home and watched two episodes of amazing race on tv with aunty doris. then skyped with mum.

    now i thought of watching american idol finale as i am far off from being anywhere near to my books right now. i shall continue on the books tomorrow.

    okay.. i know i am pretty late on the idol finale but i just suddenly thought of watching although i never actually follow it anymore. or maybe go to bed. lets see how..

    shall ciao now. byee!

    oh and i got this dress wanting to wear for my cousin's wedding at the end of year actually. ((:


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