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  1. i finally had my ramly burger!! (;

    Monday, June 28, 2010

    i was too occupied yesterday so no blogging. cause i went out yc with ferns cherly keng yew hau yang kar hoe they all and got back at bout 12 something?

    then played mahjong till like 6 am! ((((: DAMN NICE man!!

    okay back to yesterday. so the morning i slept like at 4.30am cause i was catching up with the spain vs chile match. which they won which i am happy about!

    then woke up at like 9 something so that i will be in time to get to the salon to do my hair.

    but first breakkie was chee cheong fun. omg i haven't been eating for so long lo.

    love it with curry sauce!!! LOVE IT!

    tar pao-ed and ate it in the salon then did my hair.

    now it is like dark. which feels so much healthier. :D

    then went aunty's house for gathering lunch celebrating cousin's birthday.

    had all my favourite vegetarian food. (((:

    got home and slept like gao gao. was soooo tired la. then left to yc at night lo. finally i saw ferns!!! ((:

    came home and played mahjong till 6am. slept till 1pm today. :DD

    and had char kuey teow for lunch. or brunch..?

    and played somemore mahjong. HAHA! the left out to gardens at 5 something.

    just went walking around in between gardens and midvalley only.

    i saw this coach sling bag which i want lo.

    but somehow know that mum won't let me buy.... ):

    and ended up buying all this junk food. HAHA!

    my lays!!! ((:

    on my way home, stopped by to get ramly.

    yummmmmmy!!!! daging special tambah cheeeeeese!

    was suppose to go out yc one geh but i don't like to go to shiok la. i don't shisha also. and i rather stay at home than go lo unless i have to go. i just somehow rather go oldtaste always again than go there. don't know why.

    now watching the germany and england match. somehow i think england will lose. *edit* england did lose. HAHA!

    k la.. night lo. tomorrow i don't know wanna go where le. hmmm don't know if tim is free to meet up. see how la.

    lots of love,
    sher xoxo.

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