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  1. 9 days! (;

    Thursday, June 10, 2010

    i have my paper tomorrow at 2pm. which i would most likely wake up like 5 or 6 hours earlier and study somemore because i am not a person that could study the night before and then go to sleep.

    i usually wake up early in the morning and study. it sure works for me. (:

    i hope it will be alright! i am keeping my fingers crossed so badly and praying so hard that things would be alright.

    i don't wanna throw RM7.5k down the drain.

    well i was out today and met up with cherly at 10am then went to the state library.

    i got bored. ahah!

    then around 12 something we went for lunch. and had korean. :D

    i personally like it. it is cheap! this lunch box of mine is $10 and really really filling!

    went back and studied somemore then we ciao-ed. before going home we went to melbourne central and grab a bite which was bread and groceries shopping a little while then we left for home.

    i was home at about 5pm.

    and the rest of the night was pretty much like normal. i was having headaches somehow so i just lied on the couch and slept for a bit and watched tv for a bit.

    i am going to bed soon. i just popped a tablet of synflex and hoping i will be alright when i wake up. (:

    oklaaa... nites! and wish me luck peeps!


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