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  1. 3 days! 3....3!

    Wednesday, June 16, 2010

    was out to the state library today with cherly. i had to go out and study cause at home, i will sleep until like super late and by the time i start studying, it will be like so late already. then i will lose my mood of studying. ahah!

    met up at about 11 something then went for late breakkie early lunch at don don.

    terriyaki chicken with curry don.

    well i did study a little bit. but i am pretty confident on my programming now. kinda sure that i would pass the paper. so i am not like scared or whatever.

    and in the middle of studying i was like helping cherly to resolve some of her blog stuff. which added emoticon to it now. and i also have them. senyum

    so i guess now you'll see similarities la.

    and yes my dearest bestie! we would go to New York together one day!!

    left for home at about 5 ish? and got back by 6 pm. it was so windy today. like so windy! i am sure gonna miss the cold when i am home in malaysia. i hate the hot. so yea.

    i'll be off to watching masterchef australia shortly. just thought of blogging earlier cause i wanna watch my Spain vs Switzerland match tonight.

    go spain!

    go torres!

    i love this hairstyle of his. it was during the last world cup which is when that i start noticing him. loveeeee it! love!! although now he cut his hair, he doesn't look very nice and yea he looks abit like ronaldo which i don't like. but well, his hair will grow and he'll look much hotter again. sengihnampakgigisengihnampakgigi my el nino....!malu

    wash plates from dinner first then watch tv. ooo ya, had red rooster for dinner and i actually kinda like red rooster's chicken. ahah!

    okla. got to go.. byeee!


    music addiction : Kris Allen - Live Like We're Dying

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