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  1. 8 dayssssss!!

    Friday, June 11, 2010

    i was so stressed up this morning. like so stressed up. but i guess it wasn't too bad after that. went for exam and was there like an hour and a half earlier because i didn't want to stay at home anymore. i had to get out of the house.

    i was in a panic and stress moment all jumbled up. so yea. haha!

    my seat number 669.

    the paper was... i don't know. hopefully i did alright in order that i just won't fail. keeping my fingers crossed real hard.

    just finished skyping with mum and i am going to bed already. most prolly i'll wake up at 3.30am. so yeaa.

    and my exam is at 9am. and i have to leave at 7.45am. aunty doris fetching me to uni. :D

    okla... i shall be back tomorrow. and i am hoping so badly that tomorrow's paper will be alright as well.

    hoping so hard that it will be.

    sigh and i want to watch the opening of world cup laaaaaa! where got people exam on saturday one! siennnnnn....

    after this i have to go and hunt for it online and stream it.

    okla. nite lo.


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