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  1. i think i slept at like 3 something this morning. and woke up almost close to 12 pm. i intended on going to airport west today so yeaa.

    got ready, and left the house by 12.30pm.

    waiting for the bus.

    just went walking around at airport west cause i needed to get the cardigans for my aunty, xiao pei jie, and phei fern. so yeaaa..

    i loveeeee gift shops with figurines. i can be in the for ages until i looked through everything.

    and i did get something for myself as well. :D

    the is quite a nice view nearby my house.

    not that it is very much visible but there is an old railway track in the middle of like a valley sort of thing. damn nice. it is towards the end of boeing reserve.

    got home at about 3 something and ate lunch. i was so hungry eventhough i had already eaten sushi at airport west.

    my second jewellery stand. and cost me only $9.95.

    if it was in malaysia, it would cost me at least, at the very least, RM80. so yeaaa. and i loveeeee it! purposely picked the light blue one somemore!

    and now it is all filled up.

    cause my old one was to congested and i think i really really needed a new one. so yeaa..

    now my table is with all sorts of figurines.

    collected over the year. loveeee them! and now this table has hardly any room for anything else. but i am pretty sure if i see some nice angel or fairy, i would still get them. :DDD

    there it is, all my accessories.

    hmmm.. but i am still looking for a pair of earrings which i had. studded ones from perlinis silver. and i don't know where i kept it! )):

    now i am trying to pick up a book and study but i am losing the mood. so yea. i guess i still haven't properly felt the pressure yet. and that is so not good...

    i shall try again. nitee..

    lots of love,

    music addiction : 斗牛。要不要 - Tank

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