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  1. why kill the whole family?

    Monday, May 31, 2010


    i was watching anastasia last night. call me childish whatsoever for watching cartoons but this is my favourite favourite cartoon when i was a kid.

    i watched it a million times yet i still watch it again. watching it again makes me smile like a kid. like a kid that has no worries but to just be happy.


    woke up at 10 something this morning and left the house by 10.45am. got to uni at like 12pm? and stayed in uni doing my maths assignment and borrowed my electronics textbook and went to sushi sushi to get the sushi packs and left at about 1.25pm?

    first stop was to southern cross station.

    spencer street fashion station.

    i needed to get there to get a pair of shoe for my cousin. but it ran out of size already. so i just walked around and left.

    oh oh and the guy in aldo told me that there is a vacancy asking me if i was interested. should i? or should i still root for nike? hmm...

    anyways i'll text him one day and prolly drop my CV.

    then i left to south wharf's DFO cause i haven't got what i was looking for yet. some tops for my cousin.

    bumblebee tram number 96. ((:

    so here i am.

    walked around for a bit. got the stuffs and ciaoed by 4.15pm. and got home at 5.30pm. :D

    tonight's dinner was all cooked by julian. the steak, mashed potatoes, veggies, mushroom and onion gravy were all made by him.

    not too bad eh? :D

    watched tv after dinner. masterchef, mentalist and csi miami.

    and i am starting to pack my stuff for home cause i know once my exam is over, i won't have the time to pack. so better pack now and see if i exceeded the weight. if yes, i could still upgrade it. :D

    oh and i also watched 500 days of summer yesterday.

    not too bad. a weird story about love.

    it isn't typical. from a different perspective i would say. odd but okay. (:

    i shall ciao now. bye bye!


    music addiction : Daniel Beddingfield - If You Are Not The One

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