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    Sunday, May 02, 2010

    hello hello!

    omg my mum will be here in less than an hour!!! woo-hooooooo!! ((((:

    just a quick update then i'll have to run. got to wait for their phone call to pick them up. :D

    so today.. met up with jia shen and cherly for lunch at dessert house. then went shopping in pharmacies. just one particular pharmacy but a few branches. Priceline cause they were having some sales.

    i got myself two bottle of shampoos cause they were on half price so it came to about $4 a bottle? cheap. and i also got myself this.

    mini straightener. super cute. or chio? hmm.. $12 (((((:

    jia shen left for basketball practice with loong then me and cherly just went walking around melbourne central and i left.

    thought of coming back early to change my sheets, vacuum and wiped off all the dust. so yea i left like 3 something.

    but before home i detoured to k-mart at moonee ponds cause i wanted to get some stuff.

    i left k-mart with this...

    a pair of $6 house slipper and $12 pajamas pants. ((((:

    OMG! so cuteeeee right the pants. i love love the purple tortoise!! so cutee! and the slippers cute too!

    hmmm.. hey, since when i was into cute cute stuff? hmm..? but whatever, i am very much satisfied. :DDDD

    got home and did the cleaning then had pasta for dinner and sat down to watch bones. i love bones. have i mention that? (:

    underneath all that is sparky's doggy bed. just to keep her from the cold wind in the garage.

    oh and julian did this space for sparky at the garage cause with the visitors and all, sparky won't be in the house. so yeaa.. but she refuse to be in it.

    and then i watch somemore television and helped to get the beds ready and arrange some stuff. and now i am waiting unpatiently for the phone call.

    mummy..... i am a mummy's girl. so YEA!

    okay i should go now. they'll be calling soon. niteeee!

    oh and btw, happy birthday yew wei and carmen! :D

    lots of love,

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