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    Wednesday, May 05, 2010

    was out yesterday the whole day. and by the time i got home i was too lazy to blog and too tired.

    so we left the house close to 10 am and went down to the city by the train. all 7 of us. ((:

    when to melbourne central first and walked around and met up with cherly for abit to pass her some stuffs and we had to leave already to get to bourke street so we left cherly there to wait for jia shen. :D

    went over to siricco on bourke cause they wanna go shop for bags. so yeaa. on the way there i went to get my bubble tea then when bag shopping. (((:

    i saw this pretty blue leather bag lo. $100. i might get it on friday. cause it seems i have $200 angpau for me to use. :DDDD

    then we all took the tram and went to DFO south wharf. ate lunch there and then went shopping! bought quite some stuffs. ((((:

    we were there till like 5 something and we wanted to go to lygon street for dinner. but when we got out, it was raining! ):

    in the end we took two taxis to lygon for $21 each taxi. )))):

    cause my aunty they all are going to phillip island today so they better not get sick so the taxi.

    had dinner at cafe corretto.

    mixed pasta.

    me love love the risotto!

    still had two more pizza but i forgot to take picture la. one large ferrari pizza and salmone pizza! yum yum! love them both. (((:

    after dinner we went home. all of us ladies. :D took the train from melbourne central then the bus from essendon. was home by 8.45 pm.

    i was so tired i tell you. came home i was munching on so much stuff and sitting down and chit chat and planning our week ahead and all that.

    we are going to bridge road and prolly stalactites on friday! south melbourne market and victoria market and barbeque on saturday! yarra arts and craft market and st kilda esplanade market on sunday!

    yay yay!

    this is what i bought yesterday. :DDD 3 tshirts, one blouse and one vest. :D

    its dark blue. (: free from witchery cause i had a free $30 in the withcery card. ((((:

    uni today had some snow boarding thing. don't know what is it also.

    they looked like jakuns to me. :D

    i was home by 5 something and munched chips with spring onion dip. my now favourite snack! :DDDD

    then mum cooked laksa for me! everyone else is at phillip island and julian is somewhere la. ahaha!

    then i have to quarantine myself for a 1000 - 2000 words report to write. so yeaa. ):

    tomorrow uni starts at 9.30 am again. aiyoyo.... ))): but at least mum is gonna come down and meet me. so okla. wait, or is she going to moonee ponds only? hmm...?

    okay bye now.

    much love,

    music addiction : Kings and Queens - 30 Seconds To Mars

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