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    Friday, May 07, 2010

    had uni till 11.30 am today then went melbourne central to meet up with mum and aunty they all. ((((:

    then went lunch at target centre on bourke street. had yong tau fu tom yam. not too bad though.

    after lunch was to siricco to get my leather hand bag. in the end i bought it and for $80. my ang pau money.... i have $200 ang pau. so yeaa. :DDD

    used it already cause i had too much stuff to carry. nice?
    its blueeeee!

    was using it when we were at bridge road. went there to do somemore shopping la. was there from like 2 something till almost 6 pm. (((((:

    shopping is just fun la.

    hehe. and i bought a sort of leather jacket. 50 ish only. :DDD
    blueeee too!

    all included in angpau money. (((:

    walked along bridge road going into almost every shop and my legs were like killing me although i was wearing flats. flats could really hurt me nowadays.

    went into body shop factory outlet.

    which i just know there was a factory outlet for body shop...?

    had swiss chocolate movenpick ice cream. 500ml tub for $9.99.

    and saw a blueeee TT!!

    after bridge road was to dinner at stalactites on corner lonsdale and russel.

    cave like.

    the food we ordered.

    mussaka. $22

    chicken giro. $27

    lamb giro. $27

    calamari rings. $29.50

    pita bread and dips. $1.50 each for pita and dips was $8.

    and greek salad which i don't remember how much. 10 something i guess?

    we all ordered and shared among ourselves where we were all so full! came to about $129.50 the dinner. :DD niceeee!

    had to digest our food so we went shopping in big w where me and mum also bought stuff that costs up to $40. i also don't know laaaa...

    after that we ciao balik rumah already. was home by 9 something.

    soooooooo tired ah i tell you. i wanna go and sleep but i also wanna watch show. which should i go for le???

    whatever it is, i shall stop here.

    nitey nite!

    from my angpaus! and i am sooooo satisfied with my blue things. (((((((:


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