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    Monday, May 17, 2010

    so fast two weeks came and gone. ):

    my aunty and cousin are already back to malaysia. so fast! now, i am seeing them behind my laptop screen. they used to be behind me for the pass two weeks. ):

    today uni was like usual. i was back here at essendon at 2.30 pm and then aunty doris and mum came to pick me up from the station and we went to dfo essendon.

    first was to spotlight which we bought so much beads and spent $40. HAHA!

    then went walking around in dfo which as per normal, i am sure with some stuff. okla my mum is here so i kinda shop alot la. (:

    came home and had dinner then i slept. what la not fat! ):

    now i am watching one episode of season 2 of sanctuary.

    he is cute! HAHA!

    oh oh and i also watched two episodes of grey's anatomy's new episode. me love love grey's anatomy. and i still have new episode of private practice and season finale of vampire diaries.

    and one tree hill this season is ending tonight in the usa already. ): have to wait for the new season. so longgggg!

    so this is what i bought today,

    $20 fleece hoodie from frat house and a jeggings from american cargo for $20 as well. (((:

    i love love my own made snowflakes earrings! (((:

    hehe. okla i shall now go watch my show and then go watch somemore shows and then sleep and go to highpoint with my mum tomorrow. :DD

    niteee! oh and i miss lim qi hong very much!

    music addiction : 99 times - Kate Voegele

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