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  1. yesterday i was too tired and too stress to start up blogger and blog. i was at uni till 8 pm. i've never ever stayed so late in uni before. i was just in time to catch the last bus home yesterday night.

    i was doing my stupid programming assignment. i hate hate programming man! i was nearly at a point where i just wanted to cry and give up. )))):

    enough. talking about it i also damn stress already. thank god it is all done!!

    oh but the good thing about yesterday is that my first class of the day, my professional skills class, my soldering project i got 10/10!!

    my very own FM transmitter.

    at least my day started off happily.

    but ended like shit.... ):

    then on my way home in the train after all that mess i had inside my head that nearly torn me apart,

    i saw this guy that looks like my maths lecturer.

    seriously my maths lecturer looks like an undertaker. he doesn't look like a lecturer at all. (:

    today my day was pretty not bad. i woke up at like 12 something in the afternoon then helped mum with her facebook and she cooked noodles for me to eat then we watched a walk to remember.

    had dinner at a restaurant called first taste at footscray.

    lotus stem with chicken feet and peanut soup.

    it is my favourite and i miss it so much. finally having it after like 10 months? love it!

    prawn dumplings.

    and my claypot rice with beef fillet in black pepper sauce.

    mum left for home already. but i'll be seeing her after 3 weeks so i am more happy than feeling sad. :DDDD

    but exams first. sien sien.

    okla. i wanna watch show till late late and then wake up and go out for lunch with cherly and jia shen. (:

    nitey night!

    much love,

    music addiction : Art of Love - Guy Sebastian and Jordin Sparks

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