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  1. i just finished watching my grey's anatomy and one tree hill season finale.

    first, what the hell on one tree hill's season finale??????? but yay in a sense that there will be a new season. :D but sad in another sense that i have to wait for so long till it'll be back on again. ): and even more sad wondering whether did the both of them die? ))))))): i want it NOW!

    second, grey's finale was sad and scary and did mention sad? but well, it didn't leave us hanging though. and now i have to wait forever for the next season. ):

    everything that i am watching season ended. ): so not fun!

    i am thinking of keeping up with ghost whisperer, lost and brothers and sisters. hmmm.... i shall download all of that and bring it back to malaysia to kill my spare time. although i don't think i have much spare time but yea. (((:

    was out today with the rest. jia shen, cherly, loong, and yao yun for lunch and including my mum. went to rose garden.

    which i had my mince chicken with eggplant. me love love eggplant now!

    then after lunch we went over to smith street for a little while. we is jia shen, cherly, me, mum and celine.

    celine came to join pretty late and loong and yao yun left back for home.

    after smith street we were in the city a while for a cup of coffee then celine had to go home. so the remaining of us went to dfo for a bit.

    went in when the sky was bright, came out when it was dark. and it was only 6 ish.

    got back on swanston and went into big w for a while to get a weighing machine then left for home.

    jia shen and cherly was still in the city though.

    had salmon and jul's mashed potatoes for dinner. it was so good! me love!

    and after dinner i just sat there and watch tv till now. it is already 1 something. hmmm.. i guess i should go to bed.

    nitee ya'll.

    lots of love,

    music addiction : Mocking Bird - Rob Thomas

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