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  1. today was a very wet day. it was drizzling all the way.

    i went to uni for only one lecture then met up with mum at 11 something. cause mum went to uni with me. she wanted to go to the chemist on glenferrie road.

    met up with her and went for breakkie.

    at blac cafe.

    cajun chicken and avocado and spinach focaccia.

    salmon benedicts. poached eggs and smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce.. yum yum!

    after breakkie we left back out to the city. target was the first stop then went over to smith street again cause i really wanted that pair of boots. the one i tried last saturday when i went with cherly and jia shen and celine and mum.

    it looks loose that day but today with my jeans, it looks alot better. so i bought it. (:

    after smith street we went to southern cross's spencer street fashion station to buy the pair of shoes for my cousin from aldo for $15.

    made a friend there. the guy is pretty nice, marvin? chinese guy born in brunei but already and aussie now. and my mum likes him. plus he said he might be able to get me a job there. and the pay is so good i tell you. ((((:

    but first, i wanna apply for nike then if i don't get it, i shall go for the aldo one provided the offer is still open.

    after that went to the duty free shop on swanston street then left for home.

    was back by 5 something.

    aunty doris cooked laksa for dinner. yummy man i tell you! ((((:

    then i was watching masterchef and the season finale of sanctuary which was all that we had. and i fell asleep as usual. i always fall asleep on the couch and then wake up to come upstairs and feel so energetic. hmmm...

    tomorrow i have to be back at uni to get my programming assignment done. so yea... after this week is over, exams will be here. so not fun!

    bought three pairs of tights today from target.

    and my $30 boots. me love love! and very comfy as well. :D can wear it two ways. :DD

    okla.. i shall go off. maybe i'll watch mercy or Dear John which i just downloaded yesterday. channing tatum is love! :D


    with love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : If We Ever Meet - Timbaland ft. Katy Perry

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