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    Sunday, May 23, 2010

    hey hey!

    went airport west today with mum and aunty. cause i wanted to go to target to get those tights which i didn't yesterday. it was cheap somemore. so yeaa..

    just went walking around.

    then had late late lunch at about 3 something. and we had KFC. :D

    i had the all stars box. so damn filling man...

    got home and i was watching an episode of amazing race and two episodes of mercy. and one episode of bones and castle on tv. (:

    starting to love castle. (((:

    now he is hot. acting in castle and acted in one tree hill.

    in one tree hill, he was the hot uncle. hot hot!

    and what i bought today. my accessories travelling box and two pairs of tights.

    i guess that is pretty much it. tomorrow back to uni. argh so annoying! but good that it is the last week of uni already. and i have so many stuffs due this coming week! )):

    can't wait for it to be over. then exams will come just around the corner. argh argh!

    but but, after exams, which is after 4 weeks including this week, i will be back to malaysia baby! i shall return! (: i miss miss home so much. not emotionally miss kinda thing but more like the food and the friends and the hanging out and the family gatherings and the families. (:

    but i still love it here! it was indeed a good change for me. although i left so many things at home.

    my dream was fulfilled. i am happy enough.

    much love,

    music addiction : Gabrielle - Sunshine

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