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  1. i was too tired to blog yesterday night. we went out the whole day and before going to bed i was watching two episodes of bones till i just got so tired. in the end i slept at 11 something.

    nowadays i have been sleeping pretty early. hmmm...?

    since that i have so much of free time in uni today, i shall blog about yesterday la. :D

    so so, yesterday we were all out from 9.21 am till 5.30 pm. almost a whole day out. this whole week we have been walking so much, going shopping so much and eating so much.

    first yesterday we went to the city. walked through the royal arcade from bourke then to australia on collins and then through degraves street then to yarra arts and craft market.

    walking along degraves street made me so hungry! all their breakfast looks so darn gooooood! thinking about it now, i am already getting hungry.

    walked around the yarra arts and craft market. and may yen jie bought me a pendant. ((((:

    after walking along the southbank, we went over to st kilda for another sunday esplanade market and lunch!

    but first we went for lunch at rococo, st.kilda. on acland street. i loveeee acland street somehow..

    this is the place with the awesome awesome seafood pizza i've ever ate! but expensive laa..

    the amount of food we ordered for 7 of us.

    awesomeeeeeee seafood pizza! $23.90

    fresh made potato gnocchi with creamy mushroom and basil sauce. $22

    fresh made seafood tortellini with with wine sauce. $25

    quail risotto with herbs and mushroom.

    confit of duck risotto.

    we also had another tasmanian salmon pizza with rockets and artichokes that i forgot to take picture of and also eggs fontina breakkie. the bill came up to $167.80.

    expensive but damn niceeeeeeee! i loveeeee having visitors! :DDDDD

    and i think i've gain a couple of kilos thanks to all this awesome awesome food that i have been eating. hehe!

    after a so filling lunch, we had to walk it out. when walking along the esplanade market and then to the pier.

    i somehow love st.kilda. somehow... the palm trees and the beach and the pier makes me like it even more. although i do not like to go into the water, i love walking along it. ((: and yesterday's weather was great!

    after that we went back out to flinders to catch a train home. but our train was like in another 20 minutes at flinders, so we went into the cathedral opposite the road.

    st. paul cathedral.

    it just occurred to me that i have never been into a cathedral at all before. or have i? pretty sure i have not.

    but it is pretty inside. and they were having this heavy piano playing that reminded me of the beauty and the beast self playing piano. remember that?

    mum bought me a blown glass angel from the cathedral. :D

    after being there for 15 minutes, we left to catch our train and was home by 5.30 pm.

    aunty doris cooked seafood marinara for dinner! with salad. ((((:

    i can eat pasta for the whole damn day i also don't mind. :DDD how could i resist pasta. :D

    my new pj pants and slippers! cuteeee! (((:

    after dinner skyped a little while with cousins back home and then sat down to drink tea with aunty they all and then watched two episodes of bones!

    me love love bones!

    oklaaa... that was pretty much yesterday. might or might not be back tonight for today's post. as i could foresee nothing interesting is gonna happen. other than my another aunty and her daughter is going back to malaysia tonight.

    and my tai yi and may yen jie will go back this sunday.

    they are leaving so soon already! ): and mum will only be here for another 3 weeks. so fast!! ))):

    i shall now stream movies to watch. ciao yo!

    lots of love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : 99 Times - Kate Voegele

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