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  1. it sure feels GOOD!

    Monday, May 03, 2010

    me and mum!

    heyy peeps!

    i am so tired right now but i figured i should update on today or i never will anymore. ((:

    so today... went to uni for one hour lecture from 10.30 am till 11.30 am then met up with mum and aunty they all at flinders. i had this long break. from 11.30 am right up till 4.30 pm. so go meet up with them lo.

    then went to southgate avenue's food court for lunch.

    chicken parma with pasta. $8.90

    after lunch was to the shrine rememberance. we walked there you know. no no sitting tram.

    i haven't been in 11 years.

    the place is cool and creepy at the same time so yea.

    but nice city view! BUT IT WAS A HOT DAY!

    then was to the royal botanical garden. also walk there. we walked so much today!

    this tree trunk reminded me of gigantic durian!

    came across this weird and cool tree.... it looks like flickering glossy mirrored paper from a far.

    it's leaves are green but the other side is white. i have never seen such a so white leaf before. (((:

    we were in the botanical garden for quite some time though. but leaving that time, we took the tram la. (:

    then headed to the bank for some stuff then 3 store to recharge my mum's number and then to melbourne central for sushi and soda lemonade. :D

    which was only me, mum, aunty and cousin. the rest went to the national gallery victoria.

    i had to leave to uni cause i had a class at 4.30 pm. so yea. got to uni, sat in the lecture hall and copied notes and left by like 5.15 pm.

    and we all met up in flinders again and took the train home together. :D then the bus from essendon.

    it is so good having so many companies with me. :DDDD

    came back ate dinner and all then watched Coraline.

    not bad though.

    abit creepy here and there la. but it was okay. better than i expected and very colourful somehow. and it was super clear on the tv! HAHA!

    oklaa... tomorrow i will be out the whole day to the city as well. and i am dead tired now. so i shall ciao first. niteee!

    sher xoxo.

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