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  1. it was a foggy morning.

    left to uni at 8 am. tired.... i slept at like 1 something. so i was like zombified when i left the house this morning.

    last week of uni for the semester. oh so happy!

    had sushi for lunch. now i am loving the pickled ginger. niceee!

    i actually finished my class at 4.30 pm but i had to stay a little longer to do my programming assignment which talking about that, tomorrow i have to stay back as well. ))):

    i wanna go home early... ):

    oh oh and good news, my second maths test i got 88/100. oh so happy! although the first one i didn't do so well, i did well for this.

    hopefully finals will be alright. as now i am studying complex numbers and those who have taken it before, complex number is complex! it is shit. ):

    got home at 6 something then had mutton curry for dinner! yum yum!

    and watched the time traveler's wife again just now with aunty doris and my mum. i love it. but it is so sad.


    my day was okay today. chatted with qi hong and tim quite alot today. and cherly for abit. then got my ipod on in the train on my way home and thought of nick cause of gives you hell by all american rejects.

    my working days was fun. i really enjoyed. well most of the days. not the days with horrible people to work with.

    i miss them. when i am back, i am making sure i'll catch up with them. :D

    okay, i better go to bed. i am so tired. nites!

    tried on my chunky knits tights and new boots today. good eh, feel no cold at all. :D

    lots of love,

    music addiction : Pink - Family Portrait

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