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  1. the journey.

    Monday, May 10, 2010

    hey hey!

    back again today for a second post.

    during today's long break at uni, i went sitting down at a cafe on campus and watched grey's anatomy new episode and vampire diaries new episode while eating lunch.

    my lunch. quiche and salad. $5.50

    had lectures till 5.30 pm and i straight away headed for home as soon as i got out of the lecture theatre.

    during my journey home i was watching one tree hill's new episode. ((((: me love love one tree hill as well!

    got home by 6.20 pm and lazed around the house while it was time for dinner.

    had the baked cheese penne.

    the romano cheese on the top smelled so strong that it stink up the whole house and made julian turn green. he literally looked sick.

    but but it was nice. the smell didn't really matter much to me anyways. i just makan only! hehe! and i like it!

    after dinner we were watching Departures.


    japanese movie but i find it rather interesting and nice. i've only watched 3 japanese movies before and i liked all of them.

    so yea.

    after that had to fetch aunty lian and heidi to the airport and get their stuffs sorted out.

    home soon later and watched tv and now i am upstairs prepared to go to bed.

    since before i could post this up it is already after 12 am, i shall wish sheng loong happy birthday first.


    much love,

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