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  1. today was just like any other weekend i had before my mum came. time flies though. i haven't been properly hanging out with cherly and jia shen for like a month already.

    so first it started off by me waking up at 10.30am after sleeping at 3.30am. got ready but before i could leave the house, i couldn't find my house keys! i have no idea where is it. until now i still don't. shit!

    got to melbourne central and witnessed a man strangling a guy. it was weird and crazy la somehow.

    then met up with jia shen and cherly and then went for lunch. i was practically starving. so we went for chinese at dessert house on chinatown.

    after dessert house was pancake parlour.

    raspberry and rhubarb pancakes.

    i personally like it. i am more of a savoury person but occasionally sweet stuff could satisfy me as well. :D

    i got back at about 5.30pm? lingered in the room watching shows and then dinner. dinner was fried salmon and vegies. (((:

    then i sat down nicely watching tv. first was masterchef then was BONES! have i said how much i love bones?

    next week is the season finale. ):

    just finish skyping with mum for like an hour plus. and now i have a shopping list. have to buy back clothes and shoes for people back home.

    prolly i'll do the shopping tomorrow or tuesday. if not i won't have time already after this.

    now i am off to watching movies. ciaozzz! tomorrow i'll have to get back to uni for a while and then go shopping for their stuffs.


    with love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Sweet Deposition - Temper Trap

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