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  1. i am feeling all sorts. sigh

    Tuesday, May 25, 2010

    my new top for $3.
    paris is love huh?
    can i go there someday with you?

    i watched Dear John last night with my mum. i know i liked it. or more like i loved it. ((: i always have a thing for shows like this. ALWAYS.

    i loved it. as usual.

    not only because it was Channing Tatum who is in the show and not to mention oh-so-amazingly hot, the show is just my thing. never failed to make me feel awwww in the inside.

    it was a typical nicholas sparks story. and i still loved it. (:

    cherly and jia shen came over this morning to give me back my luggage bags and they lingered around for a little while and we left to the city together cause mum had lunch with a friend and i had to get to uni for my assignment.

    argh annoying betul la assignments. ):

    left uni at about 3 something and met up with mum and came back together. before getting home, we stopped by moonee ponds for a while.

    and i bought darrell lea's melted marshmallow with chocolate coating and with peanuts.

    i am not a big marshmallow fan. now that i've tried it, i am never going back again eventhough it was quite nice.

    got home almost towards 6 pm.

    and i fried rice for everybody for dinner.

    pretty satisfied with the outcome. the flavours and all. i am no fancy cook. (:

    watched confessions of a shopaholic and made of honor just now. i just love chick flicks. love it!

    he is indeed mcdreamy.

    watching grey's anatomy so much i just couldn't picture him to be the guy that has rules and sleeps around with different girls every night. well, that's his character in made of honor. so yeaa. he is sexy though. (:

    and luke brandon from confessions of a shopaholic too! (: especially the part where he pick up his own tuxedo. hot and sexy!

    i need something to smile about today. and as usual blogging about hot guys in my opinion does.

    something has been bothering me the whole day. i feel so congested and disturbed in my mind. and i don't know whats causing it and it is frustrating.

    i am feeling emo tonight. and god knows why.

    okay, bye.


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