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  1. yesterday i was too tired to blog. so yeaa.

    my project 2. fm receiver.

    today i was out the whole day. first at 8am for uni then met up with mum in the city after my class at 11.30am.

    went for lunch then headed over to smith street's factory outlets then to spencer street fashion station then home by like 6.30pm.

    had pumpkin soup for dinner.

    i don't quite like pumpkin soup very much but this was good. aunty doris made it. and sorry that the picture is out of focus. i didn't have time for a picture. so yeaa.

    and this is what i bought today.

    one hurley lime green jacket, one nike red jumper, one velvety nike hoodie, one factorie tshirt and one cotton on vest and one aldo ring. (((((:

    i was watching 3 episodes of sanctuary after dinner and i found the character Nikola Tesla is so cool and weird and funny! love love his character!

    acted by Jonathon Young.

    now i am downloading season finale of grey's anatomy and prolly watch my one tree hill season finale. i haven't watch it yet. can you believe it? my one tree hill....

    but now i am down onto a bad flu. like really bad. don't know if i could watch it or not. cause i prefer watching my one tree hill in a nice mood and at home in my cold room peacefully watching. )):

    okla. i shall go now. meeting up with jia shen and cherly and yao yun for lunch tomorrow with my mum. ahah!


    the girl with the red scarf. :D

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